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"The most common grid pattern on wire decks is 2" x 4"."
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Wire Mesh Deck for Pallet Rack

In business since 1979 and A+ rated by the BBB, SJF stocks more wire decks than any other wire deck dealer/distributor in the USA today. We can Quik-Ship most sizes of wire decking nationwide. Call or email us for Quik Ship pricing of wire decks.

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Wire Deck or wire mesh deck as it is sometimes called is a product used in conjunction with pallet racking. Rack decks are typically used to provide additional support for pallets. Decks are also useful for retaining loose product that may have fallen out of boxes. This can address safety concerns arising from falling items. Wire sheving can also assist in fire safety allowing sprinkler systems to distribute water to the lower levels of pallet racking to quickly and easily put out fires.

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